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Goat Simulator 3 - Playstation 5

Goat Simulator 3 - Playstation 5

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Goat Simulator 3 - PlayStation 5
Brand : deep silver
No really, there are so many goats - If you want to be fancy you can wear the skins of tall goats, stripey goats, and many more
Or dress up your goat in all kinds of nonsense, from rolls of toilet paper to tea trays - Put on a jetpack for all we care
This time we actually hired game designers and were told theyve added an ok amount of content - events, NPCs to mess with, physics, status effects, collectables, easter eggs, lies, betrayal, heartbreak
Theyve added mini-games too, lots of mini-games (seven is a lot, right)

Video Game Platform:PlayStation 5
Brand:Deep Silver
Physical Media Format:CD
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