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Hollyland Mars 400S PRO SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System Bundle

Hollyland Mars 400S PRO SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System Bundle

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Hollyland Mars 400S PRO SDI/HDMI Wireless Video Transmission System

Awaken the power with the Mars 400S Pro. The Mars 400S PRO from Hollyland is your perfect companion for indie filmmaking, live broadcasting, sports activities, education recording, wedding ceremonies, and corporate events. This system has a 400-feet line of sight (LOS) reliable wireless video and audio transmission with only 0.08S latency. Featuring a sleek industrial design, the Mars 400s PRO has a lower gravity center, which means, it takes less space on setup. Thanks to the integrated cold shoe on both the transmitter and the receiver, the system provides a much more stable and convenient installation.

High-Quality Recording and Live Streaming

The Mars 400S PRO features the direct live stream data feature. Now, with the 400S PRO, video feed straight out of RX will be used for live streaming on OBS, vMix, or VLC on your personal computer without further encryption and decryption via a video capture device. This system comes with HD Mode, balance mode, and speed mode in the settings. The data rate is raised from 8M Bps to 12M Bps for HD monitoring quality. It also features Off, Low Speed, and Auto fan modes for different applications and a better shooting experience.

Channel Scan and Firmware Update on App

This system automatically scans the current wireless environment and enables you to easily find out the optimal channels for use on both RX and on the HollyView App. The App can also directly upgrade the system while abandoning the traditional upgrade on the devices. Both the channel scan and firmware upgrade are just a click away.

Additional Features

The transmitter supports up to two receivers and for the number of RX and App, it follows the 2 RXs - 0 App, 1 RX - 2 Apps, 0 RX - 4 App pattern. The Mars 400S Pro also allows up to four phones and Tablets real-time monitoring with professional monitor features, such as Waveform, Focus Peaking, Zebra, Zoom In/Out, 3D Luts, etc. Both transmitter and receiver equipped with an L-series battery plate and also can power by a DC adapter or power by a USB-C interface. Hollyland Mars 400S PRO supports a 5~12V wide voltage power supply with Type-C charging option added to various L-series batteries and 6~16V DC power options. Additionally, without operation for 5s, the OLED screen automatically enters the low-power mode and reduces the brightness to save battery power.

Koah 2-Pack Rechargeable 3350mAh Batteries and Dual USB-C LCD Charger for Sony

With the Koah 2-Pack Rechargeable 3350mAh Batteries and Dual USB-C LCD Charger for Sony NP-F570 you can be sure you always have enough power to make it through the shoot. The Koah rechargeable lithium-ion battery and charger kit includes two batteries for the Sony NP-F570 and one dual Type-C charger with LCD display.

Koah 4.1-inch Triple Shoe Bracket

The Koah 4.1-inch Triple Shoe Bracket easily mounts on a cameras accessory shoe mount, giving you three additional accessory shoe mounts. This is great for mounting, lights, microphones, monitors, and a variety of other accessories. This triple cold shoe bracket easily gives you the ability to do what you cant with a single hot shoe mount on your camera. In addition to the shoe mount, a 1/4-inch-20 thread is also available for attaching the bracket to a tripod, or another bracket featuring a 1/4-inch-20-threaded mount.

4.1-inch-Wide Bracket

This V-Brackets width spans 4.1-inch and has a tiered design for mounting up to three additional accessories.

Machined Aluminum Alloy

The bracket is machined out of a single piece of aluminum alloy, which provides greater strength to the three shoes

Accessory Sho

Manufacturer Part Number:HL-MARS400SPRO_K1
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