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Ikohbadg Small Trash Can with Lid, Bathroom Garbage Can with Pop-up Lid, 13In Plastic Trash Bin, Waste Basket for Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Narrow Space

Ikohbadg Small Trash Can with Lid, Bathroom Garbage Can with Pop-up Lid, 13In Plastic Trash Bin, Waste Basket for Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Narrow Space

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Product Description:

Introducing our new and upgraded press popup lid trash can, designed to revolutionize the way you dispose of trash. This stylish trash can is made of high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and longevity. The narrow design allows for easy placement in any room, maximizing space utilization throughout your home.

With its flexible popup lid, this trash can offers a convenient and hygienic solution for disposing of trash. The lid is equipped with an inner ring, providing a tight seal to lock in odors and keep your living environment fresh and clean.

Suitable for various rooms including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, and more, this trash can is a versatile addition to any space. Its sleek and simple design adds a touch of elegance to your home decor, while its practicality makes it an essential item for everyday use.

To use the trash can, simply press the button on the lid to open it, place your trash inside, and then close the lid. When its time to replace the garbage bag, open the lid, insert the new bag, and secure it in place. The press spring design ensures easy and convenient operation, making the disposal process hassle-free.

Package Content:

- 1x garbage bin

Upgrade your trash disposal experience with our innovative press popup lid trash can. Say goodbye to odors and clutter, and enjoy a clean and organized living space.

Pattern:Solid Print
Assembled Product Weight:1.08 lb
Recommended Use:Trash Bag Container Disposable Car Trash Bags Folding Trash Can Small Garbage Bucket For Car Car Waste Baskets Hanging Car Trash Bag Car Trash Bin Small Kmmotors Foldable Car Garbage Can Disposing Car Trash Car Garbage Containers Car Commuter Accessories Collapsible Trash Bag Holder Car Garbage Can With Lid Vehicle Trash Bin Trash Holder For Car Trash Cans For Car Car Hanging Organizer Passenger Seat Tray Car Front Seat Organizer Auto Garbage Can For Car Car Garbage Pails Leather Car Garbage Can A Garbage Can In A Leather Car Trash Bag On Board Garbage Can Car Car Trash Can Container Center Console Trash Can Mini Car Trash Can Leather Car Trash Can Portable Car Trash Bag Auto Press Car Garbage Car Organizers And Storage Front Seat Self-Supporting Car Trash Bag Vehicle Trash Can For Suv Magnetic Car Trash Can Trash Bag Car Cute Car Garbage Can Foldable Garbage Bag Holder Organizador Para Carros Collapsible Trash Bin Garbage Containers Car Must Have Car Accessories For Women Foldable Car Garbage Can Garbage Car Pails Car Garbage Holder Car Multifunctional Storage Box Trash Can Car Trash Bag Hangings Auto Waste Container Portable Car Trash Bags Truck Front Floor Hump Organizer Portable Trash Can For Camping Leather Trash Can Car Bin Organizer Pop Up Car Trash Can Road Trip Essentials For Adults Car Rubbish Bin Vehicle Trash Bag Foldable Trash Can For Camping Small Car Trash Bin Life Hacks Gadgets Car Bags For Organization Car Trash Can Side Door Trash Bags For Car Purple Trash Can For Car Vehicle Sunflower Hanging Basket Cargarbage Car Front Seat Trash Can Auto Trash Bag Car Interior Litter Bin Truck Gear Stick Protector Car Litter Bin
Manufacturer:Ikohbadg Car Trash Can
Manufacturer Part Number:Ikohbadg Portable Car Trash Bagcan
Model:Ikohbadg Car Multifunctional Storage Box Trash Can
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):13.19 x 8.86 x 6.30 Inches
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