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Machete Earrings

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That famous hockey-masked maniac's weapon of choice. You know the one. We can't say his name, because his lawyers will appear and serve us papers. And we don't like paperwork. It's scarier than Jason Voorhees himself. Ah! Damnit. 

Our Machete Earrings, which are in no way affiliated with Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees, Pamela Voorhees, hockey-masked killers or horror film series, are a swell gift for the horror flick aficionado. 

Machete earrings are cut from two layer silver tone acrylic (plastic!) and are affixed to a surgical steel post.

Machete earrings are approximately 2.23" x .4". * Machete earrings are a pair: one left earring, one right earring * Two layer silver tone acrylic (plastic) * Surgical steel posts  
Made in United States