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Rim 48 W x 36 H Led Lighted Medicine Cabinet Recessed or Surface with Clock and mirrors

Rim 48 W x 36 H Led Lighted Medicine Cabinet Recessed or Surface with Clock and mirrors

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Rim 48 W x 36 H Led Lighted Medicine Cabinet Recessed or Surface with Clock and mirrors Recessed medicine cabinet with mirror installation slotting dimensions47 1/4 andtimes;35 1/4 andtimes;4 3/8
  • Stepless Adjustableandinterior led lighting Lighted medicine cabinet can be adjusted from 10% to 100% brightness to match your preferences. The led medicine cabinet 3000K-6400K Three-color and stepless color temperature adjustment satisfy your the interior light inside the lighted medicine cabinet can also provide sufficient light source to help you find your items quickly.
  • Better Defoggingand clock and temperature display Our medicine cabinet newly developed technology enables mirror surface close to 40anddeg;C in a short period of time to achieve a faster and safer defogging effect. The defogging automatically turns off while the light is off. IP44 rated waterproof aluminum frame medicine cabinet provide better durability and safty in your clock and temperature display (temperature in bathroom) shows on the surface of the mirror which adds more convenient in your bathroom.
  • Mirrored Glass Shelf Mirror-type shelf design echoes the whole to add a greater sense of space. LED medicine cabinet each layer bears 11 pounds and 5mm thick for worry-free storage. 3 shelves adjustable in height for more freewheeling -in 2 Amp dual outlet and 2 USB port are suitable for shavers or electric toothbrushes which allows you to charge in the medicine cabinet.
  • Recessed Installation SupportedBeing embedded in the wall to keep about 1 in. protrusion distance for easy opening and closing and less spatial occupation. AlsoOur led medicine cabinet possible to mount it directly on the wall still.
  • Upgraded packaging and hingeWe have improved the packaging of medicine cabinet to better reduce damage to medicine cabinet in transit and at the same time we have upgraded our hinge 120anddeg;soft hinge to better support the weight of mirror.
  • Customer Support If any problem occurs our customer support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions and resolve any situation! In addition if the mirror cabinet is delivered in a broken condition and does not need to be returned please contact us and we will promptly arrange for a mirror cabinet to be reissued from our warehouse.
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Manufacturer Part Number:799787248889
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):0.01 x 1.00 x 0.01 Inches
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