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Wool Witch Hat

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One size fits most (teens and adults) 

Not only perfect for a spooky Halloween photo shoot but also functional for regular wear. Wear it with the point-up, witchy wear, or with the point-flopped-over, slouchy style.

• Easy to Fold And Carry: Foldable for storage! It can be folded. The hat is super lightweight and it easily springs back into the right shape when folded. So, if you accidentally swish it while storing it, it bounces back. The brim has wiring in it so you can easily shape it (to your face) how you want it, soft to the touch, the brim can be twisted without breaking.

The Hat Circumference For (22.8 - 23.6) Inches

High quality, wool, soft, stretchy, medium thickness, warm, wool blend fabric, breathable material for comfortable fit. Hand Wash Only.